About healthy fat chick


After completing 10 half-marathons, and one full marathon, all 200 something pounds of me said “Are you crazy?!” and began to stop functioning. Knee pains, hip pain- you name it, my body was having it. I refused to believe my body couldn’t achieve everything a skinny person can. And I did do it all-but perhaps not to my absolute best…so I embarked on a journey to prove that you don’t have to be a particular size to be the best healthy you can be for you!

As a curvy latina, who is a semi-new mom, I’ve learned to embrace who I am: a HealthyFatChick! I am like an avocado- I want to be a heatlhy fat! “HealthyFatChick” may not make sense to some people. But I’m sure people would be in uproar if there was a “HealthySkinnyChick” out there and she’d be accused of promoting bulimia,anorexia, unattainable weight goals etc.

My point is that you don’t have to be a size zero to be considered healthy,or even aspire to be a size 10. It’s not about the size of your pants!

I want to be what is healthy for me, and unfortunately in our vain society-lots of people see a girl without a six pack or four pack and that’s it she can’t be considered healthy. I am on a journey to get to my healthiest life yet-and it won’t be a perfect journey, but there’ll be a ton of tips and useful advice a long the way!

I see so much shame online and people willing to tear other people’s bodies and philosophies down-this is a place where I hope women ( and men) everywhere can feel okay with their body and their journey towards health-whatever that might mean for them.

There will be food. There will be rants. There will be discussions of not just my journey to a healthier me, but as a mom, a wife, and my life in Miami.

I hope whatever you seek to find here is helpful to those of you still fighting to find the healthy fat you want to be!