Cadillacs, Golfballs, and Burgers....aka a hungry preggo-blogger's perfect lunch date!


Miami is the perfect sports town. Say what you want, but we almost always have the perfect weather conditions to host any sporting event, during any season, at any point in time.  Today in some parts of the country, there is snow, slush, and basically all around misery as people still have to deal with a season they like to call Winter. Back here in Miami, we're in phase 1 of spring 2015...sunny skies, breeze, and the humidity is tolerable. So of course it's the perfect time for the Cadillac World Golf Championships, taking place today through Sunday at the Trump National Doral Resort. Last week I was invited to check all out all the yummy drinks and eats at the tournament on behalf of my fellow fat beauty FatGirlHedonist, and brought along my husband FilmFoodieOzzy for the ride. First off, the Trump Doral is GORGEOUS-almost as gorgeous as Ivanka Trump herself. I wouldn't mind a night or two staycation there-place is like an oasis in the middle of the city!

As we strolled into the lobby, we were welcomed with tasty tuna tartare from BLT, served in perfect little spoons that seemed to disappear and reappear every 10 seconds. I allowed myself a taste or five, Doc said it was okay, and baby definitely didn't was a refreshing appetizer to combat the heat one can experience walking along the fairway during the tournament.

Other tasty temptations in the resort are the spice rubbed chicken lollipops from Champions Bar & Grill- these were my fave! I almost felt a little guilty as the waitstaff kept having to refill the blue cheese dip thanks to my excessive dipping tendencies ( I NEVER  double-dip though!)

Soon after we were whisked away in 2015 Cadillac Escalades to the Fan Village where some of Miami's best food trucks were serving up two of my favorite things: ice cream and burgers!

But first of all, check me out with the Escalade...I didn't planning on having matching outfits with this beautiful luxury vehicle but hey,we look good! ;) I admit-I couldn't stop singing Ludacris lyrics everytime I saw them or rode around in one. I can definitely get used to riding in style...

The smell of sizzling burgers hugged my face as we emerged from our sexy rides at the Fan Village-and it was the unmistakable aroma of Burger and Beer Joint. They were serving their signature juicy burgers, along with my fave-the Mustang Sally, which they cooked to total perfection. Prosciutto red onion marmalade, brie cheese--all yummy and melty...

Oh yeah baby.

Once I woke from my burger-induced daze, I wandered off to the ever so popular HipPops Truck for an Almond JOOOOOOOOOY-basically a mouth orgasm on a stick.

You can enjoy all these offerings starting today at the Cadillac World Golf Championships, which is sure to be the event of the early spring season here in Miami! Don't miss out on all the action-fabulous, food, and FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!  les espera! Dale!