Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

This is the second part of my "Not Your Average Mom Car" adventure!  During the all-consuming week of Art Basel I was lucky enough to drive around in a Mazda CX-5, and boy it could not have come at a better time! It was probably the rainiest week on record in December for Miami, and if it wasn't for my cherry red power ranger ( yes that's what I called her, and, yes, the car is a her)-I'm sure I would've been stranded at home with my sedan!

Now even though the Mazda is a crossover vehicle, it felt compact and light-very different from other crossover vehicles were bulk seems to make up for size!

And the inside features state-of -the-art technology! I  love that everything was easy to follow and how it all connected quickly to my mobile device! Pairing my phone to my vehicle is my new life-saver!As an on-the-go working home who often finds herself taking calls in between the office and daycare, it's important for me to have a vehicle that pairs my need to be "on-call" while maintaining my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road! Because of the on-screen display and the way the cupholder/console is set-up, the car forces you to have to be at complete stop in order to do something that will otherwise be a major distraction while driving ( changing music stations, mapping a location, etc.) I found it changed my overall driving habits cause I was embarrassed at how often the car had to basically be like "Yo! You're driving. If ya wanna do this right now, please come to a complete stop."


This car also came with what seems to be a common feature in 2016 vehicles-smart technology that assists you on the road, warning you if you switch lanes and another car is way too close for comfort. I really love knowing that I have a second set of "eyes" out there on the road watching my back!

The car felt so much like a compact vehicle, I kept forgetting I was in a cross-over, not necessarily a bad thing, I liked the familiar feel of a sedan but the added comfort and security of a cross-over. With all the rain we experienced in Miami that week, I was so bummed that I didn't get to take the car out more cause it was flooded up to 4 inches! I definitely didn't want to run any risks with the car-though I am pretty sure the car could've made it through! But it definitely isn't an "all-terrain" vehicle, and it's better to be safe than sorry!

I capped off the rainy week at the Mazda event at the Raleigh Hotel, where the latest and greatest in Mazda designing and engineering was showcased! Look at the sweet sexy number-I named her Charlotte. ;)


All in all, this was a great experience-although short-lived! My first time in a  Mazda though, and hey, can't say it'll be my last.

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