So, Where Are We Going This Weekend?

It's official, South Florida-every month is the hottest month EVER, and there is even a news advisory asking everyone to stay out of the heat for long periods of time. We recently went to the pool and laying out was NOT AN OPTION. At least not for more than 2 minutes, and after that it was either head to the pool or risk melting into your beach chair. Summer in Miami is full of so much to do, and the heat/crazy weather patterns can really make or break plans. The humidity can quickly kill a hair-do or cute outfit cause pit stains and frizz are not a cute Instagram photo opp. And on top of that, when you've lived here as long as I have, you're always wondering "what else?". What else can I do, where else can I go, where should we do dinner?

Well, the new "where else" is Downtown Doral, which is blossoming into the place to be this summer! I recently visited Downtown Doral and was able to get a taste for their new restaurant row, starting with Stellino's, an Italian eatery. We dropped in on a stormy Friday for some after work eats, and there were some pretty tasty noms to choose from. The menu is pretty extensive ( I would personally cut it down to two pages) but the Chef talked us through a few of his personal favorites, some stemming from his experience as a Chef at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, but most from his love for Italian food, with recipes from his home town.

With a giant glass of red, I opted to start with the charcuterie board. The Chef told us we will never taste a prosciutto like the one on his charcuterie board, and he was right. This prosciutto wasn't as salty or sour as prosciutto I've had at other eateries. And the gorgonzola was to die for! My dining buddies were particularly excited about the olives, which were plump and delicious ( and paired deliciously with the wine as well).

The second round of appetizers featured a few hits. There was something new he served us, called Panelle. As we chewed on what we thought was for sure a cheese toast, the chef assured us that it was actually chickpea-fritters, which he serves along an aioli sauce.  I could've easily consumed 50 baskets of these chickpea fritters, along with the charcuterie board.

My husband was a huge fan of the grilled octopus, which was served on top of   grilled polenta,  with celery, carrots,mini drop peppers & some sort of sauce. My favorite part of the meal was dinner! I've shared in the past that I LOVE shellfish toasted with a light and delicious pasta and this was right up my alley. I normally shy away from red sauce when it comes to fish dishes, but the  sauce, which consisted of wine and tomato, was not overly done. The linguine was topped and tosses with calamari, clams, mussels, baby scallops & shrimp, which is all baked in the oven, wrapped in parchment paper. It made for quite the presentation!

Stellino's is the new kid on the block, but give it a whirl the next time you're looking for something new but don't want to go to the beach or Brickell to find it. You can go for date night or make it a family affair!




This post was created in partnership with Downtown Doral. All views and opinions expressed are my own.