Not Your Average Mom Car: Miami in a Mitsubishi Outlander


My search continues for the perfect transition from sedan to SUV or crossover. The bigger Abe gets the more I feel we need a bigger vehicle as we plan family road trips, vacations, and even bigger shopping hauls! I test drove the Mitsubishi Outlander for a week, and it did not disappoint. I hit the road with the Mitsubishi Outlander, taking it out and about around Miami.  Our first stop of the week was one of our favorite parks in Miami, Tropical Park. Who hasn't searched for parking there for 30 minutes just to roll down the giant hill? It was also the perfect backdrop for some great shots of the car.

Don't be fooled by the four doors. This bad boy seats up to 8 people, comfortably. And I mean 8 average sized people. As in you don't have to be a size zero to fit in the back seat!


Another thing I loved about the car was how easy it was to install the car seat in the center of the backseat. I personally feel more secure having Abe in the middle of the row versus passenger side.


Abe loved all the space he suddenly had in the backseat. Being rear-facing in a sedan makes even me feel claustrophobic sitting back there with him, but in the Outlander we had room to spare. He would even look around like saying, "Whoa! Look at all this space!"

The space in the middle row made us also feel we could invite more people ( aka our moms) to come along with us to run errands because they will have enough space in the backseat to feel comfortable with me and sing songs, play games, etc.



The truth test of strength for the Outlander was taking it out for a night on the town for my best friend's bachelorette! As you can see, we successfully squeezed in 6 croqueta and pastelito loving cubanitas into these SUV, and we were not squished! We were able to enjoy a nice dinner and squeeze back into the car with no problem. ;) 

Our final destination of the week was a family day at one of our favorite scenic views: South Pointe Park on South Beach. Abe can sit there for hours watching the jet-skis, yachts, and cruise ships go by. As a parent, these are the moments that matter more than anything. And the fact that it is just a car ride away, well, that's priceless! 

Now, I don't know about you, but driving around Miami I need to have music to deal with traffic. I loved the sound system on the Outlander. It's Bluetooth-enabled and the sound is crystal clear. I was jamming to the Hamilton soundtrack all week long on full blast!

Summer is almost here, and I think I am almost ready to make my decision as to what my next vehicle is going to be! What do you guys think? Should I #DriveMitsubishi? Stay tuned to find out! '