Oh wait, that's right-I'm pregnant! About that....


This week  I will be 27 weeks pregnant-27 weeks y'all! It's been a crazy but somewhat blissful 6 and a half months of planning, not planning, scared to plan, disbelief, disbelief that lead to procrastinating, that lead to freaking out, that now is back to normal and nesting-well mostly cause I don't have a choice. This baby is on his way come May whether I'm ready or not! Speaking of being ready-let me tell you-making a baby was the easiest part about getting pregnant. From morning sickness, to nausea, to hormonal changes-if you think getting PMS once a month is bad-pregnancy makes PMS feel like a tropical vacation with all you can drink margaritas compared to what you go through! One of the best things to happen out of all of this has been the outpouring of support from mommy friends-even mommies I'm not particularly close to-that have reassured me that I'm not crazy, I'm just pregnant.

And no subject is too taboo-from prenatal vitamins to peeing every 20 minutes-there are real conversations to be had on how our bodies and emotions change.

For example:

I've cried over not having enough cheese for a burger.

I've been upset at my cat for ignoring me, and cried.

Fear I am not doing enough to prepare for the baby's arrival

Fear I am not educated enough

Fear I won't be enough for him

But there's also joy. Unexplainable joy everytime you hear that heartbeat, or feel that little kick in your belly.

This was me at the height of second trimester energy-probably about 19 weeks. :)


In the next few days I will walk you guys through my experience thus far-from discovery-to our gender reveal, and eventually will share some of my favorite fashion do's and don'ts, as well as first time #plussizemommy problems. Because being fat and pregnant-even if you're what I say "healthy fat" (you work out, keep a steady weight, still got some  masita en tu casita) -is a whole other experience. I can't tell you how many times I've felt the need to announce I'm pregnant for fear people just think I'm another fat girl who just let herself go!

In the meantime, leave in the comments any tips,advice, or even questions you'd like for me to answer or discuss.

Here's  a pic of the little dude coming into our lives in May!