Accident Proof Mom in Miami

One of the clichés about parenthood which is actually a big fat TRUTH is the need to reconsider your family vehicle. I know many a friend who had to trade in their convertibles, two-doors, and scooters for a "sensible" car that all but screams "MOM VAN". This is where I am now, wondering when I will trade-in my comfy sedan for a seemingly more secure ( and roomier) vehicle that will take us from car seats to  the first day of kindergarten. Oh my God,, I don't want to think about that just yet! ( clings to Abe and his diapers) A few weeks ago I had the opp to drive around town the 2016 Kia Sorento AWD for a week...and guys..I mean..I'm in my little sedan now wishing I was still smoothly cruising around my pretty little suv-which Ozzy deemed "the most accident-proof car I'd ever seen".


And what does one do when they have a free car ( with a full tank of gas) for a week? You invite all your friends to go riding around with you and take it around town!

Once it arrived, I went straight to checking out the radio, and other features. One of the things I loved THE MOST about this car was the space! I've never had any sort of experience with a Kia vehicle before and didn't know what to expect. This car was fully loaded, and felt like a luxury car. The Kia also had all sorts of alerts and beeps to make sure you don't change lanes if there is a car in your blind spot,  if you veer off your lane, along with front and rear cameras for navigating in and out of parking spots-which is basically perfect for me because I absolute freeze and panic when it comes to parallel parking.

My first round of travels took me to Wynwood with my work bff Jose Resendez to attend a media lunch for the Seed Food and Wine Festival ( happening in Miami 11/21-11/22). This was my first time taking the car out and on the expressway from West Kendall, to the Gables, to Wynwood. We didn't even make a dent on the gas and the ride was smooth and comfortable! Plus, it was a good thing we had all that extra room cause the food at the dinner was DELICIOUS and we needed to loosen up our belts afterward-who said plant-based vegan meals aren't filling?!

Yes, that is VEGAN lasagna, and vegan twinkies.

Once we filled up on lunch, and after a productive afternoon of work, Jose had to jet off  to a fabulous 24-hour trip to NYC so we loaded up the car with his luggage and my work bags and headed off to the airport. Needless to say he LOVED riding around my new (borrowed) whip.


All of this fun and I hadn't put the Kia to test with my most important passenger: ABE. With safety being obviously a big checkmark on my list of wins, I loved how each rear window came with pull-down shades to eliminate heat and UV rays into the vehicle with kids in tow. I dialed up my friend AC, who also has a very cute toddler, Julia, and suggested we take a road trip down to Homestead to visit Knaus Berry Farm, a beloved staple for South Floridians since 1956.


It is ONLY open November-mid-April and is home to delicious homemade goods like their famous cinnamon rolls, jams, breads, and coffee. You can also reserve a spot on the weekends to go pick strawberries.  So away we went, ready to march right in-only to find about 30 other people who had the same mid-day snack idea. So as our kids napped in their strollers, we sipped on strawberry shakes and waited.

So now we had two boxes of baked goods, jams, jellies, two diaper bags, two strollers, and two really tired kids.

And the Kia handled it like a champ!


If you notice, there was no obstruction of my view for the rear window, nothing was squished, and we probably could've fit another box of rolls in there if we really thought we needed it...

And Abe? Armed with his favorite giraffe Brutus he was cruising in comfort.


That weekend Ozzy was itching to see what the Kia could do after hearing me brag about it all week long, so we went to a little local Greek festival that happens every year in Kendall to get some gyros and feta fries. It was a little hot but we stayed cool in our Kia.

Our final test was a night out on the town ( with baby!) and Ozzy and I got dolled up and hit up Miami Beach for the New World Symphony Wallcast, which is a FREE event brought to the city of Miami Beach by Citi.  Pack a picnic and snacks and head out to Soundscape park to take in a night of music and culture all projected live on on the soaring, 7,000-square-foot projection wall of the New World Center. Followed by a stroll and a Starbucks run on Lincoln Road, it's a perfect Saturday night.

I really really loved being driven around town in this car, and when I realized that this fully-loaded car was 45K-it definitely makes me consider it for purchase in a year or two. My first time in a Kia, first time in a crossover SUV, and I am in total LOVE.

Thank you Kia for a wonderful week -it got me out of my little cave and encouraged me to get to know my city again!

Friends-are you lovers of SUVs? Any Kia owners out there? I want to hear from you as I continue to find the right Mom car for our little family!