Talk Techie to Me: my summer fitness faves from CTA and Techlicious!

Believe it or not, I am a total geekgirl when it comes to tech! I am constantly lusting after the next and best on the latest tech that makes my life easier especially when it comes to fitness. Whether it's an app, a watch, or a cool pair of headphones, I can spend hours perusing Amazon or Google with search queries like "best sweat-proof headphones" or "best watch for walking". Luckily for me, a few weeks ago I was introduced to some of the latest and greatest innovations in fitness technology thanks to CTA  and Techlicious,  who treated me to an extraordinary lunch in Wynwood, which showcased the latest and greatest of some of my favorite brands like Monster and Polar, and featured some cool innovations and information straight from this year's CES convention.

For example, did you know....

Now on to the cool stuff!

For someone who lives in the Sunshine State, the older I get, the more horrified I am at how much I've probably damaged my skin as a pre-teen and young adult. Baby oil and hours poolside to achieve a golden tan were my absolute fave. This is why now of course if I see what I think is a new mole or beauty mark I flip out. Normally it's a leftover Oreo crumb, but still, I always think it's my tanning bed past coming back to haunt me. Summer is around the corner, and I am going to want to be outside exercising or enjoying the beach with Abe, and not worrying about burning my new skin cells to a crisp. Here is where La Roche-Posay My UV Patch comes in to save the day! La Roche-Posay My UV Patch is the first-ever stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV radiation in real-time to further educate the public about their personal sun exposure. My UV Patch factors in skin tone to measure exposure to the sun. To complete the process, users download the My UV Patch mobile app (available both on iOS & Android) to track UV exposure and inform users of their level of sun exposure.  First connected stretchable UV patch  Ultra-thin, ultra-water resistant and adapted to sensitive skin

Can you imagine getting a notification on your phone while you are out at the park or at an outdoor concert that's basically like "Hey! No more sun for you. Let's avoid skin cancer, go find some shade!" ( Note: this isn't what the notification actually says, this is just my interpretation.)

On to the next!

My biggest challenge in training and during ANY of my races has been my headphones. I've never gone cordless because quite frankly, I thought it was a little out of my price range. As I gear up for my 11th half marathon ( Disney Princess 2018, here I come!) I am finding it more and more annoying to deal with headphones when I hit my stride and I have to hold on to my phone because the headphones aren't long enough for me to stick my phone in my pocket.

Enter Monster iSport Victory BT. 

If you've followed along the blog, you'll know I am obsessed with all things Monster! I was so happy to see that they've continued to be on the forefront of athletic headphones and are really thinking about what runners and other exercise aficionados need when they're connected to their devices for some musical inspiration!

Monster has it all in its features, construction, and power. For one, Victory wireless sports headphones have a whopping 8+ hours of playback, making them a great option for road warriors, or simply, those who don't want to constantly charge their headphones.  I love knowing that it will probably outlast my iPhone while I am out there on the race course!  High noise isolation gives you extreme focus for extreme results. Monster has even given these headphones two different modes exclusively designed for working out: Warm-Up and Sports.


Did you also know that Monster adds different ear bud styles to their headphones so you can find the right fit for your ear for optimal listening?

Now, it's not all about the music! I love going the distance, and I have gone through every wearable tech possible to capture metrics like heart rate, distance, speed, etc. I was pleased to see Polar has a new offering- the Polar M600-and I love how they tried to differentiate what it means to purchase a device like a Polar versus a fitness tracker.


Polar is the industry pioneer in heart rate trackers and fitness technology. With the Polar M600  they bring to the world a waterproof sports watch powered by Android Wear. Polar M600 features Polar's proprietary optical heart rate technology and provides wrist-based heart rate measurement via a 6-LED solution, algorithm designed and tested for maximum reliability. Polar M600 also provides integrated GPS, and 24/7 activity tracking. Designed for active training as well as a stylish accessory for a connected lifestyle, thePolarM600 is waterproof and boasts a high quality, sleek design with a 1.3 inch colortouch display, a dedicated front button for quick and easy training control, and a batterylife of more than 48 hours when connected to Android devices.

I think this is something I can definitely use when training for my next race! Pretty nifty, and not to worry, they will have compatibility with iOS!

As most of you know, I am back to school for my Master's in Marketing, and let me tell you, lugging around my books, two laptops, and keeping it all organized is not easy! Imagine how my heart skipped several beats when my eyes landed on these two beauties from Knomo:

Now don't be fooled by appearances like I was, these are no ordinary accessories. Each of these bags has an ultra-cool feature that is overlooked but very necessary in this age of fraud and identity theft; an Anti-RFID pocket can be found inside to protect your personal information from digital theft. The Knomo Maddox tote has a hidden, magnetic exterior pocket at the top of the tote can cleverly hide your phone or keys. Inside, the spacious main compartment easily fits shoes and clothing. A separate padded section comfortably holds up to a 15-inch laptop. Basically, I can live my entire life out of this bag!  From the office to the gym, then to the library, this bag can do it all! I am also a huge fan of the Beauchamp backpack. For someone who is prone to accidents, this backpack is basically Michelle-proof. Sleek and durable, this backpack is splash-resistant. Inside, a padded laptop section fits up to a 14-inch laptop, keeping your computer safe and separate from your other possessions.

What do y'all think? If you had to pick ONE piece of technology/innovation to take home, which would you choose? Share in the comments below!

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DisclaimerL I was invited to a complimentary lunch and received a gift bag which included the headphones and the UV patch. My opinions are my own, because I'm a healhyfatchick, not a healthyfatrobot.