No Such Thing as a Healthy Fat Chick

For months I’ve been wondering whether this would be a good idea: exposing myself to the cruelty of the internet and sharing my story of being a relatively fat but happy person trying to win the legendary battle of fat vs. woman. A few weeks ago I was approved to have gastric sleeve surgery. I thought this would be the surgery that would change my life. It has, and I haven't even had the surgery.

I decided to skip surgery because the risk was too high for me. I'm not saying this isn't the answer for everyone, it just wasn't the answer for me. The backlash of issues that occur from having the procedure outweighed  the promise of being thinner. And I never wanted to be skinny, I want to be healthy-not a size 6 worrying about loose skin for the rest of my life. It took a lot of tears, a lot of doubt,  and a lot of time wondering what would be different this time...why will this effort on my own not fail like it has all the other times. And the answer is simple: because I am choosing for it to be different. I am making the conscious  decision to take control of my life, and my mouth, and what I choose to shovel in there on a daily basis.

This blog isn't just going to track my progress, it's going to share recipes, workout tips, even some fashion finds for fat chicks till we reach our healthy weight.Yes, it is possible to be fat AND fabulous- just ask one of my favorite plus size bloggers in fashion: Gabi Gregg.

Listen, we're all human. I'm not perfect. I'm gonna make mistakes - I love my margaritas and my chocolate chip cookies as much as the next human. But it's okay. It's about changing my lifestyle, not doing crazy 3 day diets, cleanses, and fasts that will yield short-term results. It's about looking good everyday, and not just for summer swimsuit season, or a special occasion.

I truly believe there are many women out there who don’t wake up everyday hating themselves for being fat. I am one of those women.  Another reason I refused to do the surgery was because a lot of the videos showed women who did it and were still unhappy with themselves. I have never been jumping for joy that I'm fat, but I wasn't crying everyday because of it. I think we all need to take pride in ourselves, and put our best face (or fat) forward.  No need to miss out on how awesome life is because of extra pounds on your body-make the most of it till you're ready to make the change!Image

It is possible to get fit, one gosh darn day at time, and yes, it will be hard, yes, it’s gonna suck, but it is POSSIBLE.  Mostly, I’m here because I hope this can be place people can come to for a laugh, inspiration or a dose of reality. Not all fat women hate themselves. Not all fat women are miserable, and wish for better lives. We are perfectly happy individuals that have to fight a little harder everyday because society decided being fat is the single most solitary visual offense to humanity. Well, world,we, too, deserve to be happy. We, too, think that being fat is unhealthy, and are losing weight not to fit into your mold of what is perfect, but to be the best contribution to the world, our families, and ourselves.

Till next time,