An Intro to Me and You Get in My Jeans!

Don't get excited! You're not really getting into my jeans but my introductory post to MOAHFC is about seeing your hard work at the gym pay off at the mall! Before moving on to the post I thought I'd give you some insight into me! I'm V, or Vane, or Vanessa! I'm one of those chicks who can say I grew up in the kitchen. Growing up I was constantly struggling to find the balance between my love for good food and my hate for my weight. I can finally say that after months of sweat, pain and change I feel like I'm finally finding my groove.

My most recent celebration on this journey was buying my first pair of jeans in a long time! I hope you enjoy this post, Not all Jeans are Created Equal.

Jeans, we all wear them. They come in all types of washes, prints, cuts and sizes. But not all of us have a love hate relationship with them that I do.

Ever since the Bongo jean craze of the early 90's left me wearing Wranglers, I thought my body had banished me to wearing "Mom jeans" forever!

My jeans always gapped at the waist, they were always just a little too tight in the leg and I was never, ever able to wear the elusive skinny jean!

I did with jeans what I have done with other wardrobe staples over the years: I found a cut/style that worked for my body and stuck to it. All the while wishing for something just a little more fashion forward and daring. This method is not a safe bet either because in more recent years designers like Nine West and Tommy Hilfiger gave their plus size jean lines the ax, but that's another blog post!

After about 7 months of changes in diet and exercise  it was time to buy new clothes! This is a really important part of the lifestyle change process; how are you going to feel good in this new skin if you're still wearing the same old clothes?

I don't do online shopping for clothes so I had to suck it up and go to the mall -- daunting I know!

I walked in one Saturday afternoon and mentally prepped myself for the anguish that is shopping without knowing which size to even start at. I apprehensively made my way into the Misses section. That's right, not the upstairs dreary corner where they keep the plus size stuff, I had officially dropped the "W" and it was time to see how far my hard work had taken me!

I collected various jean styles in a few sizes and lengths and retreated to the fitting room. Is the suspense killing you yet? Should I make you wonder for just a little while longer about what happened in there as I grabbed the first pair, did the butt jiggle to get them up and finally zipped and buttoned...

THEY FIT! THEY FIT! THEY FIT! I was really happy and proud to say that for once the jeans did not decide which I would go home with, I did! The elusive skinny, the printed straight leg and the dark wash with no stretch ALL FIT!!!

My first ever skinny jeans!

I was in such shock I snapped these pics in the fitting room window. Behold folks, my first EVER pair of skinny jeans! More than seeing my hard work pay off, I was happy because while on my journey I made changes to my body I had been convinced for so long were impossible. When you're making changes this big, nothing should be deemed impossible.

Next on the shopping list, printed jeans like these!

A little bit daring and fashion forward