The truth about losing the pudge....

It has been well past 90 days, and if you follow @healthyfatchick on Instagram you know the results...but here it is!Image


30 pounds lost, and stayed lost for the rest of the summer. Since this challenge I have continued on with different Beachbody programs (which I love), but due to work, life, and quite frankly, a bunch of excuses, I haven't been hitting it as hard as I know I could! 

What I have found is that sometiems being a little too ambitious to reach a goal can also be detrimental to your success in this journey. I wanted to be under 200 lbs in an unrealistic period of time and when I saw that wasn't going to happen, I subconsciously stopped trying.  I still did cardio, I still restrained from going back to my former eating habits, but not a pound more has been lost. So here I am again, holding myself accountable not just by @Instagram, but with the blog. Sharing stories, sharing inspiration, and showing you the recipes I have found to be successul to me during my journey.  My next challenge is going to be Les Mills Combat and I am so excited to take it on! What is your biggest weight loss roadblock? Is it yourself? Let's change it, together.



Till next time,