But YOU...You ARE YOU! And now, isn't that pleasant!

Happy September lovelies!
I'm excited to be back! I have been quietly planning a soft relaunch of the blog for the end of September to coincide with my birthday( 9/29) but things are moving so fast I just had to write to you all and keep you updated!
 As some of you may have noticed, @HealthyFatChick Instagram has had a little makeover. In the past year the number one question I've received  from friends and readers is: "Where do you shop?". Being a plus-size woman ( or any woman) in transition towards a healthier lifestyle, we always find ourselves needing to reward ourselves for our  behavior. And no, I don't mean that margarita on cheat day as reward. I mean we always say " I can't wear that yet" or " I will lose 10 lbs to fit into that dress".  WHY? That sounds like a consequence to me. It's a false sense of empowerment and security and you should feel confident enough in yourself to look in the mirror and say, "I'm going to look like a hottie today!".  Why wait until tomorrow to feel good about yourself this very moment? What's stopping you? There are plenty of options now for plus-size woman to feel and look good without sacrificing fashion and trends. Long gone are the days of the leggings and tunics ladies ( which are still comfy as hell, who are we kidding).
Don't get me wrong,everyday isn't a walk down the runway. As I am writing this I am wearing what my friends call my "pajama pants" at work, but earlier this week I rocked a leather jacket and booties because dammit, it felt good to do so. And that should be your motivation to just explore what looks good on you-you will be surprised what the right shoes, blazer, or hem can do for your entire look! Do what works for YOU.
I've begun sharing some of my favorite everyday outfit ideas for work and weekend, and will have more to share in the fall as I work with one of my favorite stylists to create a functional wardrobe that is trendy and fun! This is happening later in the month of October due to a fun new challenge I'm embarking on, more details after the photos!
Feel free to leave requests for outfit details in the comments!
I've gotten back in the game to tone down and get some serious health issues taken care of. I will always be proud of my body and curves, but HEALTH COMES FIRST. I'm too young to have knee issues and be worried about my blood pressure. Does anyone else ever think they're going to have a heart attack in the middle of the night, only to rub your chest a little bit and realize it was just a burp? UH, yeah, not fun. I love VixenWorkout, but I wanted something else to supplement my endurance and gain a little muscle definition. So I signed up for Orange Theory fitness, and have committed to their Six Week Weightloss Challenge! We all know how much I love a challenge. right? At the end of the weightloss the person with the highest percentage of weightloss gets $500.00! I sat down with my HealthyFatFriend Jose and HealthyFatHusband Ozzy and we identified the top 3 foods that always deter me/make me weak in the knees.
Alcohol ( mimosas, margaritas, red wine, cocktails)
Bread ( I love you, I love carbs)
Cheese ( I don't care if I'm slightly lactose intolerant, I want to marry you)
Now I know my ABC's, now it's time to either eliminate them entirely, or cut down the intake drastically!
I decided to set a few basic weightloss ground rules for beginners, veterans, do-overs, and all that in between.
First of all, we won't be doing this:
The scale will not be your enemy-it won't even matter the first few weeks. Stay off it! :
Don't be afraid. Your favorite restaurant,food, dessert, will be there when you've reached your goal.
Don't dial in, every bit counts:
And remember how small changes can make a big difference:
 and be able to laugh when you feel like you can't do it anymore:
How many of you feel fall is the perfect time for a little makeover?
Dreaming of cupcakes in late October,