Music Headphone Awareness: You Deserve Better

Did you know that almost every music loving, podcast-listening person in America, suffers everyday from bad earbuds? Each and everyday, someone in America just accepts the headphones that come with their mobile device, and are forced to take calls and listen to music, with generic headphones that have no sound quality, are uncomfortable to the ear, and have no differentation from any other headphone. Monster decided to do something. Because why should we have to subject ourselves to what a manufacturer deems sufficient for our music listening needs? I am the first to admit, I used to complain a lot about the headphones that come with a device-whether it's  mobile or music-but rarely do I ever go above and beyond to purchase additional headphones because I figure, meh-it's just for the office, studying, etc.  And when those cheap earbuds would inevitably break, fall apart, or have a horrible sound, off I went to a store to find anything that would replace it, and it would only be slightly better than the previous experience.


With the Clarity HD headphones from Monster, not only do you get better sound, but Monster has created an  affordable ($49.95 wired/$89.95 wireless) line of high performance earbud headphones that offer better comfort, build,sound, calls, and noise isolation, along with better wireless performance on the Bluetooth models. So what does this mean for someone like me? It means that when I pick the right earbud ( each pair of headphones comes with three different sets of earbud cushions so you can find the right fit for you-this is essential!) I get awesome sound AND I can tune out all the noise and chatter around me, whether I'm working from my office cube, or taking a break from the everyday office routine and working remotely from the coffeehouse. IMG_470760014 (1)

It also means I can dial in to conference calls from my device and it's not glaringly obvious I am dialing in from a mobile and not from an office line. You know what I'm talking about, we've all been there! 15 people on a conference call and you suddenly hear "HI, I'M HERE SORRY I'M DRIVING/AT STARBUCKS/RIDING IN A TORNADO". And you start wishing that person had just skipped the conference call cause it's so noisy in the background it just added 15 extra minutes to the call cause they have to keep repeating themselves. Whomever that is in your life-get them these headphones.

IMG_471625421And for all you chismosas/conversation creepers  out there, you can just put these in while you're eavesdropping on when you find out your secret santa is only  spending $5.00 on you when you already spent $25.00 on a candle.



What do you say? Are you ready to realize that #YouDeserveBetter? Need help breaking up with your headphones.Well for one, I've got a discount code just for you! For a 20% discount on all products on Monster, visit and  use promo code 'MonsterNation' at checkout. Offer is good until December 25th!

Until next time, if you see me with these headphones on out and about, do not interrupt, I'm mostly likely in the zone, getting work done...or being nosey on other people's conversations. ;)



Note: Monster sent me these headphones to review, but all opinions are my own.