Charged up and ready for selfies! #YouDeserveBetter this festival season


It's music festival season, which means tons of snaps, tweets, and Instagram photos capturing your favorite bands (and your best ootds) to share with friends! If you're anything like me, you are on the phone from the morning of the event right down till the closing act. That is, until, I run out of battery from over-posting and texting friends in between sets. I even ran out of battery once during a Beyonce concert and she walked up right up to me and held my hand. Luckily Monster is here to make sure that never happens again!    The Monster Power Card is the size of a credit card and super thin-you can slip it into your back pocket or wristlet and not worry about it taking up too much space. I love to travel light when I'm at a concert since I'm always jumping around and dancing to the music-the last thing I want to do is worry about knocking someone out with my purse while shaking it to Shakira. Most importantly, it fully charges up my phone in less time that most portable chargers, which means more snaps and photos and less time worrying about my battery life. And now that I'm not worried about battery life, I can share the other part I love about festival/concert season:the outfits! My husband isn't always around to be my official Instagram photographer for me and my friends and let's face it, how many times have you tried to do a group selfie and you have to pick the friend with the longest/less hairy/shortest arm to take the perfect shot? Well, Monster has the solution for that as well! Check out the selfie case 

  It's pretty simple: you wrap this bad boy around your iPhone 6 and mount it on my glass,mirror,acrylic,marble or other smooth flat and glossy vertical surface and bam! You can even do hands-free video-chats/GPS/Skype, whatever your selfie heart desires.

I put it on my sliding glass door as soon I got it to see if the claims are true and-voila!  

  I juuuuust upgraded to an iPhone 6s Plus so I won't be able to use it but I will be waiting anxiously for the plus version to come out soon!

How do you get ready for festival season? This year I'm heading to Beyonce, Pearl Jam, and Ellie Goulding and you can be sure to catch it all the fully charged fun on healthyfatchick thanks to Monster! Xo,

Meesh Note: Monster sent me these awesome products to review, but all opinions are my own.