Croquetas & Carrots: Keeping It Healthy at Hispanicize!


Miami, land of the sun, sand, and croquetas. This weekend we saw the first snaps/hashtags/tweets from influencers arriving in Miami for Hispanicize 2016!¡Bienvenidos! Local hotspots like Downtown Miami, Wynwood, and the beach were the first stops for many of our favorite out-of-towners like Monique Fausto of CurvesandChaosLorraine Ladish of Viva Fifty, and Lizza Morales of XoxoLizza. But we can't ignore Miami's greatest, sometimes cheapest, and most unifying attraction: THE FOOD. From medianoches to pupusas, you can find cualquier antojito que se te antoje, and most of the time, it's only a phone-call or Uber ride away! Just in Downtown you have ceviche, burgers, tacos, ropa vieja...okay I'll stop now.

I'm not here to tell you NOT to indulge...most of you are here visiting after all, and who I am to tell you not to give in to the seductive smell of  un cafecito paired with a warm, buttery tostada. Coño, I live here and I am still not immune to it! I can, however, give you some tips for those in-between session snack attacks, so you can save up the calories for the traguitos y bocaditos!

First of all, if you brought your tennis and even if you didn't, Hispz is located in beautiful, walker-friendly Downtown Miami right along Biscayne Bay-so what are you waiting for? Take advantage and go for a walk in the am before the sessions! Take your phone with you ‘cause duh, you will have plenty of good #selfie, #mood, or #vibes picture opps along the way. Bayside, PAMM, and the Arsht Center are close enough for a mini walking expedition, plus it's not blazing hot yet so it's a nice way to start the day.

Now, la comida. If you're anything like me, breakfast is coffee with a side of coffee. But with the many offerings available to you (breakfast, Starbucks, room service) you'll want to supplement that coffee with something to get you going through lunch. Double fist your coffee with bottle of water (pro-tip), and have a fruit and wheat toast to keep you from going from session to session without getting hangry. If you find yourself not able to resist or maybe want more than what's available (or if you're ballin' on a budget), get some quick groceries delivered via instacart, or Amazon Prime Now . Nothing fancy, just staples that we don't think about when we're home everyday like:

  • bottled water
  • apples
  • bananas
  • cashews
  • baby carrots
  • adult carrots
  • any vegetable in adult or baby form you enjoy
  • almond butter/peanut butter
  • Whatever your favorite fruit/snack is

Notice the trend? Food on the go so you don't have to worry about refrigeration. You can also walk or Uber to Whole Foods for some quick snacks. I love carbs, so I always try to find a way to throw some kind of cracker/bread/something in the mix.

Meal time: luckily for us, the catering at the Intercontinental has always been super flexible to dietary needs. Prefer more salad than carb? Just say so. Not feeling the meat entree? A-OK! This isn't la casa de abuela, so no need to clear your plate, or pasar pena. There is almost always a protein, veg, and carb on your plate, and a salad course. It's up to you to decide to indulge en el postrecito, pero like, you know your limits.

Another good tip for planning: read your Hispanicize agenda on the app! Lots of vendors/sponsors offer goodies throughout the day, so maybe you want to have some tea/mata hambres with Vive Mejor and then go have some Riboli Family Estates vinito later than evening. Just remember throughout the day all these calories can add up! So choose wisely. And remember, they're there ALL WEEK, so you don't have to feel you're sacrificing a once in a lifetime opportunity. ;)

Will I see you at Hispanicize this week? Be sure to say hi!